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Preventative maintenance

At AMS we pride ourselves on our ability to maintain our clients assets. We apply a high standard to all of our work. Our maintenance regime is thorough and our documentation sets us apart from our competitors.

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Installation and Design

Our trade knowledge and qualifications allow us to design and install HVAC equipment in a range of applications. We ensure our install’s are of the highest quality as we intend to maintain the asset for its entire running life

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repairs, upgrades and refurbishments

We carry out repairs, upgrades and refurbishments on all air conditioning applications. We provide a 24/7 service to cater for the urgent breakdowns.

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energy management/sustainability

We provide sustainable solutions for all applications. We also monitor and review controls systems and their operating strategy’s. We can report, recommend and make changes to control parameters to reduce unnecessary power cost’s.

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Essential service testing

AMS is dedicated to providing the correct procedures in testing all fire and smoke control equipment as per Australian standard. Our expert knowledge will give our clients the best chance of Australian Standard compliance


We can provide commissioning on all air conditioning applications. We also provide testing and balancing on existing assets where required


Our team has a high level of experience on various building management systems. We can assist our clients with configuration and monitoring of the building control system. We provide reports on recommended control strategy changes to save costs. We can also remotely access our clients building automation which allows us to locate faults without being onsite. This is a service our clients love as we often rectify issues before a complaint has been made.

special projects/project management

We can manage projects in all air conditioning applications. We specialize in community locations. i.e.. Schools, Hospitals, Community Centre’s, Retirement community’s. We understand budgets are tight, However our team can work accordingly to fit most budget’s.

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Arrow Mechanical Services Pty Ltd are a Brisbane City based service company, that are leading the way in the Commercial Air Conditioning sector. AMS are a privately owned, family run business, that specialize in the maintenance and repair of commercial and industrial Air Conditioning systems of every type. Arrow’s focus on the Brisbane CBD and outer suburbs, has allowed them to provide a fast, efficient service to their clients and has gained them a customer service reputation, that is second to none. AMS provide high end maintenance programs at a realistic cost, by using the latest technology, genuine maintenance time and intelligent service techniques that reduces the breakdown of your equipment. Arrow Mechanical Services are the company that genuinely cares about its customers. With maintenance programs to suit all buildings and property requirements, they will carry out works with little to no disruption to business. Their customer base ranges from medium to large Commercial buildings, Universities, Medical centres, Schools, and retail areas. Get in touch and see how they can help your business today.

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