Our Mission :

“Provide a first-class service at an honest price”

Our Vision :

“To be the Air Conditioning industry’s first choice provider in South East Queensland”

Why choose AMS for your building or property?

Arrow Mechanical Services will guarantee to reduce your equipment breakdowns and failure, through our ongoing maintenance program.

Every AMS technician that attends site is Australian qualified and experienced in the work and services that we complete.
We use genuine maintenance hours to analyse each system, carry out full inspections of plant and rectify faults where necessary. 

AMS works hard to ensure long-term relationships are developed with all our clients, we select a primary and secondary technician for each client/site, this way communication flows between the customer and the service provider and service history is not lost.

AMS stands by its own workmanship, we give a full 12 months warranty on all workmanship and parts that we have carried out and installed.

Photographic reports can be provided for each repair required, this gives the customer peace of mind that repair works are genuine.

Monthly reports are always provided to each client, complete with executive summary, minutes of previous meetings, outstanding quotations, health and safety register and outstanding invoices. These reports will be provided in hard or soft copy each month to client’s manager.

Arrow Mechanical Services is a company that is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction, we achieve this by providing a superior level of customer service, genuinely allocated maintenance time and 25 years’ experience in the Refrigeration, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning industry.

We aim to give the building owner/facility manager a better view of plant condition and life expectancy to allow for accurate Capex and Opex budgeting.

The AMS approach

Once Arrow Mechanical Services has been selected as the maintenance provider, we will ensure the following is completed;

  • All site assets/equipment will be entered and scheduled into our electronic maintenance data base
  • Condition assessments and life cycle reporting for Capex and Opex completed for each major piece of plant
  • Primary and secondary dedicated technicians selected for each site
  • Site inductions always completed for each attendee
  • Site walk through with site/facility manager’s, account manager and dedicated site technicians
  • Correct contacts, contact numbers and emergency details established
  • Site specific requirements established for every building